Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. You can set up your company and publish your project for free. You can also join and put forward your proposals for free.
Yelefant only charge a fee once the project is funded. We let you use a Flexible Funding process, which means that you can access your money even if you haven’t reached your goal.
Yelefant’s platform fee is 7% on funds raised if you reach your goal and 10% if you don’t (this will encourage you to set up a realistic goal). It is free to sign up, create the project/company and create a campaign. Fees are deducted from the funds you actually raise (not the goal you set).

First you have to register. Then you can create your account and propose your idea or join an existing one. You can share thoughts and material with other members of the same project.

Yes, but remember that our team will reserve the right to delete or remove anything that we consider inappropriate. Also, we encourage and promote game-changing goals, which could be beneficial to our society as a whole.
The more your project/company mission will be game-changing, the more people will be interested in crowdfunding you.

Yes. You don’t need to develop your idea through us in order to publish your crowdfunding campaign.

You have to create your own internal policy to protect any background IP.
We suggest having an exploitation strategy if your project is successful, which will protect any members of the consortium and give them rights to receive revenue from your results.

First, have a look at their tree. You will then have an idea of what they already have. Remember that there is no limit to what you can offer. Let’s make it clear with an example. You could be a consultant, an experienced employee or a PhD.  Or you could be a supplier, a landlord or the owner of a warehouse.
You could be the owner of a patent, research or a logo. You could simply be the owner of some equipment that you wish to sell or lease. You might even have just had an idea which could improve the company or the project.
Well, you simply have to fill in the form, describe what you are offering and value it. Then wait for the company owner or project co-ordinator to decide. If he decides to have you on board, you will be notified and listed on the tree. Once the research is completed, the company will be ready to be funded. It can be done privately, via grant or via crowdfunding.
Once the capital is raised you will start working, or you will be paid for what you are providing.

Yes. Yelefant was born to fill this gap. You create a company and take the risk of being the owner, but let people with experience and skills come to you. Via Yelefant you can find a co-funder, a CTO or COO.
Remember that once you have chosen who to have on board in a specific role, they will appear on your tree. People will be able to see which roles you have selected and will be able to propose themselves for any missing roles.  You will decide who to have on board.

You need to fill in the form. You can send your resume and any other useful documents you want to share with the CEO. It is then up to them.