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At Yelefant we believe that everyone can create something extraordinary.

You don’t need to be young, talented, creative, rich or educated.
You just need to know what you want to accomplish in life.

It could be a cure to a disease that has affected your friend; a revolutionary platform to enable virtual clinical trials; a device that will let you understand your pet. Or something simpler. Maybe you want to set up your own company, or you just want to carry out a research project that will last some years. Maybe you want to be part of someone else’s idea.

Yelefant is the right place.

Tell the world your goal and wait for people, tools and resources to come to you. Maybe, on the other side of the ocean, there is a man who shares your dream and has started a research project. Let him reach you. Get in touch. Choose to work together. Attract more people. Attract resources. Let people support you. Let the Russian doctor add her research to your cause. Let the Italian pharmaceutical company manufacture your drug. Let the independent laboratory in Mexico perform a trial. Value the work and let people crowdfund your goal.

We live in amazing times. Everything is connected. Your idea can become a start-up with the help of other people. Your effort and persistence, rather than your education and work experience, could be the key to a great achievement.



You want to set up a company.

Let everyone know your company’s mission. You will be the leader and take the risk, but let your team come to you. Let them tell you what you need. Just share your company’s mission and wait. People will propose themselves for any role that will be crucial in achieving your goal. It is quite reasonable that you are not an entrepreneur; maybe you are not a scientist or a genius.  What you have is your willingness to try.  You will probably need a partner, a scientist, technicians, office managers, secretaries. It depends on the company. Let people propose a role, let them send you their resume and feel free to choose who you want on board. We will allow you to set up an alert when you know that you are searching for a specific role. It is quite likely that you will need equipment and tools. Let them come to you.
You will review each proposal and decide who will be your supplier. Once you have chosen your team, your supplier, everything you need, you will end the search. You can decide to fly away or to create a crowdfunding campaign with us. Let money flow into your idea.


You want to set up a project to achieve a specific goal

Let everyone know what the overall objective is. Maybe you want to find a cure for baldness. Because you are bald and want to help others with this condition.

What you have to do is publish your goal and be the co-ordinator of the project. You will be in charge of managing partners and the work; you will decide how to exploit your result. Just let partners come to you. Maybe there is a research institute in Canada that is studying the genetic reasons for baldness and wants to join this project. Maybe there is a retired professor who can provide you with their publication. Maybe there is a laboratory in China that can provide equipment and a facility in which to carry out a specific phase of the research. Let everybody suggest how to solve this problem and join you with their contributions. Once you have developed your work plan and (with your new partners) defined all the tasks that must be performed, you have to quantify your financial need.

Then you can fly away or stay here and publish your crowdfunding campaign. 

It is your choice.


Join a project or a company.

OK … so you don’t want to be a CEO, or a coordinator, but you still want to be part of something exceptional and contribute to its achievement.

Just browse through companies if you want to propose yourself as an employee or freelancer. You will see which roles have been selected on the graph, but you can propose anything you believe a company still needs. It can be a professional figure, equipment, research, patents, ideas. Anything could be crucial for the goal. And everything has a value. So keep in contact with the leader, suggest what he might need, let him know what you can offer, value your contribution and let him decide whether or not to bring you on board.



Whether you are setting up a company or leading a research project, once you decide that you have all you need (on paper), you can publish your crowdfunding campaign. Remember, the more important your goal is for society, the easier you will find it to attract funding. At Yelefant we promote game-changing ideas. We want to change the world, boost progress, create a better future.

You may be asking why you should fund a company or a project? Just think: in doing so you will change the rules. And you, your son, your friend, will be the one who will be able to reach their dream without spending interminable and exhausting years pitching to investors or asking for loans. Just think: if you help someone to solve a problem, you and your children might benefit.

What if you have the chance to help fund a company which aims to cure a rare genetic disease? What if they succeed? Would it be beneficial for you as well if you were affected by this disease?  Why shouldn’t everyone have the chance to set up a company or carry out an ambitious project?

Let’s change the rules once and for all.
Then you can fly away or stay here and publish your crowdfunding campaign. 

It is your choice.